Technology like license plate recognition has been playing a huge role in enhancing security/police and improving the transport system. ALPR PRO is a is an online resource that has been providing information to help support different governments to manage their traffic. ALPR Pro achieves this by intelligent ALPR cameras that provide vital information that helps in reducing traffic delays and improving security. Since we have trained staff experienced in ALPR technology, we deliver reliable services to our clients every time.

With the current ALPR technology, we can easily provide real-time information to commuters and transport departments.

However, smart city communication is not only about traffic because other related benefits include:

  • Reducing urbanized carbon footprints
  • Increasing safety and security in and around cities
  • Automate processes to improve the efficiency

To create smart cities, we should have effective communication and rely on the technological advancements associated with ALPR technology. At ALPR Pro, we boast the variable output options, enhanced functionality and the use of an intelligent camera to provide a wide range of smart applications that include:

  • Tolling
  • Smart highways
  • Average speed
  • Journey time analysis
  • Environmental studies
  • Enforcing Low Emission Zones
  • Managing car parks & integrated systems

If you have any questions about smart city communications or ALPR technology, please contact us at any time.

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