ALPR Solutions and Law Enforcement

ALPR systems scan license plates in real-time. This provides optimal assistance to law enforcement for recovering stolen vehicles and apprehending criminals. By receiving immediate alerts and updates, law enforcement can effectively identify criminals through license plate scans as well as secure large public venues such as concerts and sporting events. The ALPR systems can even be used to help homeland security by tracking down those evading the law.

Over 70 percent of criminals involve vehicles in their crimes. Having the technology at your fingertips to quickly read 900 plates per minute can help officers identify criminals faster thus keeping your community safer. The system has been shown to significantly reduce the number of suspended and revoked drivers on the roads, keeping them safer.

The benefits of the ALPR system for your law enforcement agencies include:

Force multiplier: By utilizing the ALPS system you can do more with limited resources. It essentially adds an extra set of eyes to your operations allowing your officers to be more efficient and effective at reducing crime. By updating all officers, more law enforcement can be available to act if needed.

Database management: The ALPR platform allows you to be more organized as it collects license plate images and stores the information in an easy-to-access database. All incoming information is automatically coordinated and organized for analytical use.

Immediate date: This system provides an on-the-spot date to your officers when a hot plate is identified. Quick action is important in reducing crime and this system allows law enforcement to act quickly every time. Officers are also made aware of the situation they are dealing with in case it is something more serious that may require backup.

Instigative tool: ALPR systems can both catch criminals and exonerate the innocent. In addition to this, the system works with AMBER and Silver alerts to alert officers to urgent missing person cases. The capabilities, deployment, and accuracy of this system is a benefit to all law enforcement agencies.

The superior algorithm of the ALPR system will enhance the capabilities of your law enforcement officers making it more efficient for them to stop crime, mitigate dangerous situations, and protect your community.

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