Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI)

Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) can be done in a number of different ways, like ALPR and Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Where can Automatic Vehicle Identification be used?

Over the past few years, we have seen companies looking to adopt AVI for contactless sales of gas and drive-throughs around the globe due to current global events. And we expect the interest in Automatic Vehicle Identification to grow even more after the 2020 events.

Automatic Vehicle Identification read world use-cases::

  • Streamlined Gas Stations: Refueling your vehicle becomes a breeze with AVI at gas stations, eliminating the need for physical interactions and ensuring a smooth customer experience.• Big data for traffic flow
  • Traffic Flow Optimization: Leveraging AVI data allows for efficient traffic management and paves the way for informed decision-making in urban planning.
  • Smart Parking Solutions: AVI comes to the rescue in parking lots, offering convenient customer identification and facilitating loyalty programs for enhanced customer satisfaction.
  • Automatic Driver Identification: AVI plays a pivotal role in recognizing authorized drivers, bolstering security measures, and easing access to restricted areas.

As we move forward, the implementation of AVI technology will become increasingly prevalent. Businesses, responding to rising labor costs and heightened health concerns, will readily embrace this game-changing innovation.

Join the AVI revolution and step into the new era of seamless vehicle identification and automation, revolutionizing the way we do business and enhancing our everyday lives.

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